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To::  Ms Siti kassim and Fellow -Comrade-In- Arms

fr:   Tokman

To::  Ms Siti kassim and Fellow -Comrade-In- Arms
fr:   Tokman

Ms Siti Kassim and Associates In Arms

When we were young, we get too emotional
that we do not see the forest  for  the trees.
You have a lot of objections on the RU 355.
i have my reservations too.The laws in
Arabia 300 tears after the Prophet Muhammad
{SAW] is not codified but some semblance of the
doctrine of precedence were adopted.  I have always
asked my readers to read the book 'Islam The Misunderstood
Religion' by Muhammad Qutb to have a grasp of the
concept of Islam. In the book Muhammad Qutb had
stressed that the theme in Islam is always 'compassion'
which I had  heard you told a group of Pas supporters.

Islamic  Laws Not cast In Stone

Continue reading the book again and you can suggest
appropriate alteration as an activist.  To campaign for
a change one  must understand what is the basis of Islamic
philosophy. Islam is a religion of all time. Its laws and precepts
are not cast in stone.  Translation - The value of a morality-
what is right or wrong changes with the evolution of the society.
Let us take  a closer look at the case of the policeman who plunged to his
death during  a khalwat raid.

 There is a pre=existing  procedure where
participants in  a khalwat wpuld be apprehended by 'Mats in the
Jakim organisation' as provided by the syaria enactments.
Look at the circumstance  prior to the arrest.  You need a
complainant and  a required number of witness for the
charge to be successful. In effect there is a supposition
ofa society intervention  before the arrest is made. in the history

France  before the rise of Charlemagne, trial by peers [the fate of the
prisoner rests on what is viewed as right or wrong by his fellow men]
is the hallmark of Islamic rule which is copied by the legal sytem of Europe.

Do you know how  a man is determined to have told the truth or  otherwise 800
years ago in England?
The law officers [sheriff] would require that he put his hands in some boilng
liquid and if he survived  the torture ,  he would be deemd innocent!

Khalwat Raid
A scenario like this is played out. Mat visited  Minah at the
apartment. A busybody neighbour who has been trying to
hook up with the Minah got frustrated.. His  jealousy got the
better of him and he called jakim. This is a possible scenario.
It is not for the upholding of the Islamic law that jakim is called.
It is his raging jelaousy that trigger the call. To have a law fairly
executed the Islamic populace must be up to a reasonable standard.
There are rules which are conflicting  to the Islamic law. In Islamic
family law one can  marry and divorce quite easily.  In a melayu
environment- there is a hurdle to marriage - big money is required
and marriage is associated with pomp and splendour contrary to the
spirit  of Islam. Jakim is a big contradiction in terms- while it tries
to prevent 'zina' [ unlawful union of men and woman], it puts big hurdles
in the lawful union of men and women. Compare the marriage regime
in the 60's and now -you will find immense hurdles put up by Jakim
so that manner and form leading to  the solemnization of a marriage
become the main stage and the actual akad [marriage solemnization]
become small and insignificant. Lawyers especially muslim lawyers must
continue to be vigilant to protect the philosophy of the sharia which is
' life -made-simple.' All the hurdles got to be thrown out into the dustbin.
Criminal Law

in Muhammad Qutbs book , it is mentioned that the cutiing of hands
had taken palce in 2/3 situations  and I suspect that the the punishment may be
overly harsh.    In Saudi Arabia, they can provide alms to the poor and have
the financial clout to give to aid to all their subjects. In other words the government
-of-the-people must provide before one can be deprived of his hands shoul
he transgress the law.

Ahmad Deedat, Zakir and Yusuf Estes
Coming back to Zakir Naik.Some years ago a prominent Muslim Theologist
who were once a catholic priest noted . We are indeed fortunate that we can celebrate
living among men who had memorized  practically all the holy books of the world-
Ahmad Deedat and  Zakir Naik.   Ahmad Deedat had left us  [ may Allah Rests his soul]
and we have only Zakir Naik who can  discuss the bible , the hindu [vedas] and the
Quran all at the same time.   Zakir Naik took the world by storm. he does not mince his
words when he said God is one and  no less.  In Endland  Rev Rowan Williams , the
Archbishop has since [ 2006]  told the followers of the Church Of England that they
are free to believe in the uniqueness of God and freely abondoned the trinity
concept which had been adhered  to for over 2000 years!

And why would one be persuaded to think that Zakir is other than a great
thinker and and great source of reference in Comparative religion?



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